Aaron Mason

Developer, Producer, Disaster Responder

I grew up in a house with solar power in rural Northern California and from a very early age I learned to find creative solutions to problems using limited resources. I developed a healthy sense of patience, confidence, and respect for hard work.

When I was 20 I prototyped one of the first HIPAA-compliant electronic medical records systems and brought it to market with PBHS. The TruForm platform is still on the market today helping doctors spend more time with their patients in over 4,000 practices worldwide.

At 27 I built a graph-based content management system for CDM Media that monetized user data and delivered a product called "Awesome" by Google. Today the system handles over 1M users and tracks millions of rich interactions each month. These interactions are far more in-depth than Google Analytics' overview, and the product has served as a solid foundation for sustained annual revenue growth of over 100% for the past 5 years.

At 30 I rebranded an international disaster response organization. Serving with All Hands Volunteers I responded to major disasters in Indonesia, Haiti, Japan, the US and the Philippines. I worked through earthquakes, hurricanes, political unrest and extended power failures, generally on furniture I built out of plywood. I completely overhauled our IT and communications systems, revamped our approach to media engagement, and fueled a shift in the way the organization connected with volunteers and donors around the world. Inheriting four years of nearly flat growth, I helped drive annual revenue increases of over 150% during both years of my service and positioned All Hands as the premier volunteer response organization following the 2011 Japan Tsunami.

In between I've crewed racing sailboats in the Caribbean and opened collaborative creative spaces in New York and Hawaii.

Today I live in San Francisco, and I'm looking for new ways to change the world. If you have any ideas, send me a note.